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What Leica Gives You

a pretty woman who works in women lifestyle magazine asked, “what’s good in Leica cameras? Why it’s expensive? Talk about camera, we only know Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, or Samsung.” And at first i just like, “……….”

I am not a photographer. Also not Leica user. At first, that was like silly question, but when i think more, it could be good question. So my answer, “It’s like you buy a dress from Prada and another is from Zara or TopShop.” Even though i don’t know much about fashion. And she seemed understand.

I was attended Leica Q (Typ 116) launching event in Jakarta, about two or three months ago. I don’t know how to describe this expensive camera (sekitar Rp69 juta). Let me start from the basic first.

it’s compact. and have autofocus.

buat yang ga terbiasa motret pakai fokus manual, ini kabar bagus banget. Leica Q dibekali sensor full frame 24MP dan akhirnya autofocus. Udah sih gitu aja.

Inside Leica Q (Typ 116):

  1. Sensor CMOS Full-frame 24MP
  2. Leica Maestro II Processor
  3. ISO hingga 50.000
  4. Video HD 60fps + wind-noise filter
  5. Continuous shoot 10fps with AF
  6. Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH
  7. No pop-up flash but there’s external hotshot
  8. EVF 3.68m dot + LCD 3 inci 1.04m dot
  9. Wi-Fi and NFC

This type of camera best for: Street photography

Dan terlepas dari spesifikasi yang dikasih sama Leica, komentar gue sebenarnya cuma ada satu. There is only one thing that i could say about Leica Q.

Different kind of feeling when you press the shutter. And that’s what Leica gives. Demi apa mencet shutter-nya aja kerasa beda sama kamera lain.

Dan gue gak bercanda. Juga gak berlebihan.

Ini hasil point and shot asal-asalan gue dengan Leica Q. Situasinya, ini indoor dan remang-remang. Click to zoom in.

see full specification and review here! 


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